Correct grammar check
A common issue for programmatic SEO is that it's easy to generate text which is grammatically incorrect. There are plenty of demanding languages with cases and genders, such as German, French, Dutch or Russian. Even in a language without gender, like English, it's easy enough to find places where some pages talk about something in the singular (a dress for example) and other pages talk about things in plural (shoes for example). In these cases, it's really useful for the surrounding sentence to be able to change dynamically to account for it.
You'd just like to wave a magic wand and say "Correct my grammar!". This is precisely what our new grammatical error correction feature is built for. It's like Grammarly but it will happily scale to the 100,000s of pieces of content you generate every month.
I'm silently correcting your grammar
When might you use a check for correct grammar? For each place in a template where the text might need change to account for grammar, you list out the possible choices. Common places are:
  • Articles such as "ein" or "eine"
  • Demonstrative eterminants, such as "C'elle-ci" or "Ceux-ci"
  • Verbs conjugations, such as "kost" or "kosten"
You can even let the platform choose between showing an article or showing nothing, such as when you're choosing between an article for a singular or plural noun, like "Are you looking to buy a dress?" vs "Are you looking to buy shoes?"
Grammar correction app
How do you use our grammar correction in practice? Simply give the possible alternatives in curly brackets, separated by a semicolon. For instance, you could express the above sentence with "Are you looking to buy {a; } {filter_attrs}?" where {filter_attrs} is our special entity to express the intent of a page. The platform will take care of the rest.
Grammatical error correction is currently available in German & Dutch, but let us know if you'd like to use on content in other languages, or if there are use cases on which you'd like us to focus.