Demand-led faceted navigation
demand led nav similar_ai
We recently launched a feature that maps your site taxonomy & faceted navigation to demand.
It's simple to use. We pull in the keywords for which organic competitors rank and group those into topics, using the knowledge graph we build for your site. Similar.ai identifies the topics which
  • don't match to your existing pages and for which you don't rank
  • do have products
  • fully match a combination of your categories and navigation facets
and then creates the correct URL for the new page using the logic of the site works today. Through our one-off simple API integration, you can choose the action 'Create', click 'Publish' and the pages will go live the same day. Similar.ai dashboard will immediately start tracking how quickly Google crawls, ranks and delivers traffic.
Not going fast enough for you? You can also boost inlinks to these new pages to give them a helping start with an internal linking recipe.
This means you can launch new pages within your taxonomy and faceted navigation that have lots of relevant products and relevant keywords for which they could rank & for which your competitors get traffic. These new pages naturally get a lot of organic internal links from the site, because they are part of the site taxonomy itself.
Optionally, you can tweak the recipe above. (recipes are no-code SEO programs: here are some examples). For instance, you could decide to:
  • change the minimum number of products
  • change the total search volume range the page targets
  • only target a particular facet group