Domain Diversity
What is
Domain Diversity
? Domain diversity looks at how many different domains are available on a particular Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and provides a relative score of domain density as a ratio between 0 to 1.
A SERP with high domain diversity (highest =1), includes results from lots of different domains. For a transactional query, those would mostly be multi-brand fashion retailers. A low domain diversity SERP would normally reflect a navigational query. In between can also be interesting.
Domain diversity is a useful measure because we show it a
page level
. So, although it reflects how attractive the topic is for a multi-brand retailer to rank, you can use it to make decisions about your pages, such as whether you should clean up a page that's not ranking or getting enough traffic, or whether you should boosting inlinks to that page and enriching with additional content.
Below is an example screenshot of a high domain diversity:
Domain Diversity example high
Here's an example screenshot of low domain diversity:
Domain Diversity example low
Domain diversity is a data-driven way to automate identifying
  • branded queries, for which multi-brand retailers can get traffic.
  • and navigational queries, for which they can't.