New ways to interrogate site data using distributions
The Similar.ai platform enables new ways to interrogate your site's data using distributions. The data is displayed as a histogram, which you can then drill down into further and choose which combination of metrics to review.
This allows you to quickly and easily learn about your site's structure, giving the ability to see the distribution of different metrics across your site.
All of this can be accessed in a
no-code user interface
with no need to write SQL queries.
What you can do:
  • quickly analyse site data in a granular way
  • easily change data fields on the distribution charts (histograms)
  • analyse pages by demand, by number of listing, total search volume and many other metrics
Below is example screen shots of the summary table and a histogram looking at page demand ranked by number of listings per page:
similar_ai summary table
similar_ai histogram example
How this data can be used for SEO:
  • understand language and groupings that make sense to your users
  • make taxonomy updates to your site
  • inform strategy for creating new pages
Using Similar.ai you can build up a library of recipes that can be easily reused for analysis and automating site update. Read more about 'what are' and how you can benefit from recipes HERE.