Pages to be's SEO deduplication and pages to hide features clean up duplicate search pages and pages which don't answer a need search engines users have. This is all subtractive, like the first stage of SEO should be: we're helping you focus on getting more wood behind less arrows to concentrate your visibility. Our pages to create feature finds sought-after intents for which you don't have a page, but do have inventory and could rank. This expands your coverage so that your content can be found more users.
In our Related Searches product we link from one search, browse or other category page to another. The pages to which we link are not your
as is
pages, but your
pages to be
: a combination of the
  • Canonical pages from deduplication
  • Pages with sufficient demand
  • New pages which are going to drive incremental transactional unbranded traffic
We combine these to maximise demand across the minimal number of relevant pages without creating duplicate content.
By listing these out, we can tweak the criteria to have a page to be. For instance, you can set the minimum total demand for a page or the minimum number of listings a page can have, and can analyse the impact of these choices.